ConsoleWorks Fully Supports The Role of the Privileged User

November 7, 2012Comments Off on ConsoleWorks Fully Supports The Role of the Privileged User

By Tom Kearns

According to the 2012 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report Industry Snapshots, “Intellectual Property tends to reside deeper inside the organization under several layers of security, but insiders certainly know where it is and how to access it.

Regarding the types of insiders contributing to IP theft, regular employees (end users) accounted for the largest percentage (roughly two-thirds). They were followed closely by financial staff and executives, and system/network admins [who] brought up the rear.”

ConsoleWorks Represents a New Approach To Event Monitoring and Logging – When Nothing Can Be Lost. “While the most secure access profile eliminates privileged access altogether, this is unreasonable as staff is needed to service the IT Infrastructure, address security threats, perform IT maintenance, and respond to emergencies.”

With ConsoleWorks, organizations can focus on “real-time” and “persistent” methods of secure detection while allowing enterprises to greatly benefit from saving time, effort and money.

By monitoring and logging consistently and constantly, in all modes of operation, not just under normal operating conditions, ConsoleWorks meets the most stringent of compliance practices.

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