Fault Tolerant Monitoring & Logging

January 10, 2013Comments Off on Fault Tolerant Monitoring & Logging

By Pam Johnson

A Redundant Automatic Failover configuration consists of two ConsoleWorks invocations, which under normal operating conditions are simultaneously connected to each managed device in the environment, making the solution fully redundant with no single point of failure. If the primary invocation fails, the secondary invocation continues to monitor and manage the enterprise.

Under this scenario, to be completely assured that there is no gap in monitoring and logging, a pair of ConsoleWorks servers duplicate systems monitoring and logging such that at least one server would receive the logging information and send the necessary notifications under all operating conditions and in accordance with designated severity levels.

Either of the servers can be down due to a scheduled maintenance or failure, but logging and alerting remains continuous as required by the standard.

The failover process for ConsoleWorks maximizes availability and eliminates loss of critical security status monitoring, event logging, and compliance reporting for strict compliance requirements.

For more information, read The ConsoleWorks® Difference – Fault Tolerant Monitoring & Logging

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