Integrating ConsoleWorks with Caché

November 19, 2012Comments Off on Integrating ConsoleWorks with Caché

By Pam Johnson

Intelligent Event Modules (IEMs) extend the ConsoleWorks Server to include vendor domain knowledge on a wide range of IT components. Today I’m going to be discussing the InterSystems Caché IEM, which enables automatic prioritization and provides human-readable descriptions and explanations for over 4,000 Cache’ errors, dramatically improving issue isolation, root-cause analysis, and remediation.

InterSystems Caché is a high performance object database deployed on more than 100,000 systems ranging from two to over 50,000 users. Caché is a “mission critical” system for many of these users, requiring that issues be addressed promptly and efficiently.

ConsoleWorks’ integration with Caché includes severity levels for all of its events so that the IT organization can quickly distinguish between events requiring immediate attention and those that are warnings or informative in nature. Human-readable descriptions that describe the nature of each event are also provided, to avoid the often time-consuming step of hunting for the appropriate documentation to look up an error code.

For more information about the InterSystems Caché IEM, read
The ConsoleWorks® Difference – Caché

Caché is a registered trademark of InterSystems Corporation.

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