IT Service Management Best Practices with ConsoleWorks

February 27, 2013Comments Off on IT Service Management Best Practices with ConsoleWorks

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ConsoleWorks plays an important role in the ongoing support, operation, maintenance, and management of the foundation of the IT infrastructure. By automating and optimizing specific sub-processes that commonly exist in all organizations, ConsoleWorks creates added value for the IT Service Management (ITSM) practice.

These sub-processes directly impact reliability, availability, security, compliance, and the cost of operations – and they either directly relate to ITSM best practices or indirectly contribute to the stated goals of these practices. ConsoleWorks automates and optimizes ITSM best practices into a far leaner and more comprehensive process in areas where there are disparate tools (or no tools) and manual processes. The result is a considerable improvement in key performance measures such as elapsed time, touch time, cost, and Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).

ConsoleWorks offers these value-added ITSM practices through an integrated software environment that includes a knowledge base used for event detection, prioritization, and diagnosis to form a robust end-to-end closed loop remediation practice. With ConsoleWorks, the “tools of the trade” that normally exist as many independent tools are consolidated into a seamlessly integrated software application.

For more information on ConsoleWorks and IT Service Management, read the Whitepaper: ConsoleWorks for IT Service Management

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