TDi Technologies Presents Secure Substation Remote Access Management System at EPRI Industry Workshop

October 29, 2012Comments Off on TDi Technologies Presents Secure Substation Remote Access Management System at EPRI Industry Workshop

TDi Technologies, the leader in IT Foundation Management, today announced their participation in the EPRI Substation Remote Access Workshop, held at the Knoxville, TN Smart Grid Lab, with a demonstration of their ConsoleWorks Substation Remote Access Management system – specifically designed for the Utilities industry.

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) brings together scientists and industry engineers as well as experts from academia to help address challenges in the electricity sector. TDi Technologies was selected by the EPRI Smart Grid Substation and Security Lab to participate in the development of a master recommended set of requirements and demonstrate how ConsoleWorks manages Substation Secure Remote Access while improving compliance and operational efficiencies.

ConsoleWorks Substation Remote Access Management system is a unique solution with advanced security capabilities that protect Utility Providers from external, unauthorized access to devices in a substation. ConsoleWorks is designed to meet the strictest remote access cyber security and compliance requirements of the NERC-CIP standard.

“The challenge many Utilities companies are facing today is how to balance the need to provide privileged access to critical cyber assets – regardless of where they are physically located – with the need to enforce strict security policies,” said Bill Johnson, Founder and CEO of TDi Technologies. “ConsoleWorks Substation Remote Access Management system facilitates access by authorized users who depend on remote access to do their job, while providing a staunch defense against access by unauthorized users and protection against attacks.”

ConsoleWorks Remote Access Substation System Unique Benefits:

  • Meeting NERC-CIP cyber security and reporting standards
  • Protecting against code-based attacks
  • Restricting access and assigning least privilege for all users
  • Recording user activity down to the keystroke
  • Automating of Event management & Closed Loop Remediation
  • Supporting both in-band and out-of-band networks

About ConsoleWorks Remote Access Management

With ConsoleWorks Remote Access Management, the remote user remains physically isolated from the ESP at all times. This approach effectively eliminates malware, virus, and other binary code-based exploits from the threat profile. Fine-grained, role-based access and control limits access to cyber assets by remote users to only those devices assigned to their profile.

In addition to preventing unauthorized access and code-based attacks (malware, viruses, et al.), ConsoleWorks Remote Access Management monitors all remote activity in real-time, and enforces access rights for authorized remote users. It performs the role of the Intermediate Device, as specified in the NERC-CIP specification, including encryption of remote sessions; multi-factor identification (SecureID); patch level validation and others.

For compliance purposes, all remote access activity is documented down to the keystroke for absolute accountability, oversight and transparency. The solution captures the data and produces the documentation needed by NERC-CIP to ‘prove the practice’. These detailed activity logs along with bi-directional data capture of all system messages, provide comprehensive forensic reporting, compliance data, and situational awareness over all remote user activity.

For more details on the unique capabilities, download the whitepaper ‘Understanding the Security Requirements for Remote Access Management to the Bulk Energy System’ at the following link: Whitepaper: NERC CIP-005-5 R2

About TDi Technologies

TDi Technologies is the leader in IT Foundation Management, delivering solutions to a global customer base with key verticals including Financial Services, Telecommunications, Utilities, Healthcare, and Government. The company’s solutions help customers reduce operating costs, meet foundational compliance requirements, secure the IT foundation, and improve IT Service delivery. TDi Technologies is the first solution provider to offer a unified system of operation and management over the IT foundation. The company’s patented technology provides automation, optimization, control and management capabilities that dramatically improve the ability of IT to meet the demands of the business.

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