What is the Difference between ConsoleWorks and SNMP?

October 31, 2012Comments Off on What is the Difference between ConsoleWorks and SNMP?

By Pam Johnson

While SNMP is a great tool for what it does, it only solves part of the problem. SNMP is an agent-based polling solution, and its abilities are thus limited to performance monitoring and visibility within a “poll cycle.”

With polling solutions like SNMP, many organizations may experience false positives if an outage occurs and is resolved between polling cycles – which, depending on the configuration, can be 15 minutes or longer – which contributes to a false sense of security, availability, and compliance. Furthermore, when a machine is being configured, from a hardware, operating system, or network perspective, SNMP is not the tool to provide visibility into configuration activities.

The major difference between ConsoleWorks and SNMP is that ConsoleWorks monitors people – privileged users – whereas other tools log the results of human activity through events that are not always clear enough or contain enough detail.

The level of messaging that is different with ConsoleWorks versus SNMP and other polling solutions is the people log, the people messages, the people alerts and alarms – both on the running OS and when the machine is in single user, configuration, service, or maintenance mode.

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