Access Control with ConsoleWorks

January 3, 2013Comments Off on Access Control with ConsoleWorks

By Tom Kearns

When it comes to security, ConsoleWorks offers many unique features to ensure consistent security practices across the entire IT infrastructure, including robust Access Control capabilities using a role-based/task-based permissions model.

Privileged users should be able to access only those interfaces needed to perform their work. Role-based access and control in the IT foundation ensures that interfaces cannot be accessed without permission. Users only see the interfaces assigned to them.

ConsoleWorks provides advanced role-based access and control capabilities with LDAP integrations for fine-grained control of access rights and privileges across all managed connections. Access Control Rules enable administrators more granular and graduated control over what specific users can do inside ConsoleWorks and how they can use ConsoleWorks to access and interact with managed assets.

In ConsoleWorks 4.6, the permissions model has been completely re-engineered. Significant enhancements have been made with new capabilities that allow very granular control over what any one person is allowed to do in ConsoleWorks, particularly with separation of duties. Read more about Access Control in the latest version of ConsoleWorks here: Permissions Model in ConsoleWorks 4.6

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