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ConsoleWorks provides managers and privileged users a single end-to-end management solution that controls access, monitors and manages all log files, RDP and VNC sessions, automates endpoint password management and configuration monitoring while watching for specific events that may occur across the organization.


The multi-dimensional monitoring applies to applications and servers, PLCs, RTUs, virtual machines, and network storage devices. It monitors in real-time and in all machine states – power on, single user, maintenance, production and failure modes. Its persistent connection locks down the “back door” entrances overlooked by agent-based solutions.

ConsoleWorks can monitor and manage almost any application or infrastructure interface to provide comprehensive situational awareness across a vendor heterogeneous environment that includes routers, switches, servers, firewalls, virtual machines, PLCs, RTUs, appliances, applications and networks – to provide a comprehensive record.

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ConsoleWorks Staunch Defense to Secure OT Assets

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ConsoleWorks provides a secure, persistent connection to streamline access and control to any IT/OT device for privileged users. The solution is always monitoring, auditing and logging activity down to the keystroke to support regulatory, cybersecurity best practices and IT/OT operations while providing a staunch defense against access by unauthorized users.

ConsoleWorks is unique because the platform sits between the privileged users and the assets they interact with, enabling the ability to automate activities like configuration monitoring, password management, and other cybersecurity and operations functions using the assets’ native language.


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ConsoleWorks gives us 24/7 proactive hardware & software monitoring while serving as the security piece of our NERC-CIP compliance practice.

Shelly Barczak Senior IT Analyst

You do not need to audit remote access and baseline again – you guys have it nailed!

NERC Auditor for SERC

Any utility company that installs ConsoleWorks is way ahead of the game when it comes to NERC CIP compliance. We’re happy with the support from TDi. When we need it, they are there.

IT Director

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