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A Single Secure Access Method to all Critical & Prioritized Work from Your Key Integrated IT/OT Technology Systems.
A Real-Time, Holistic View Across Your Cybersecurity & Operations Ecosystem.

Security & NERC CIP  Compliance are a Result – not the work.

Login and Go Right to Work!

Your Work is One Click Away!

Unified Human Response Platform

One Platform. One Path.

Have you finally made the decision to consolidate or eliminate or integrate the many point solutions you have accumulated to address security and NERC CIP compliance?

ConsoleWorks integrates to many IT/OT technologies bringing in raw data and applying AI and logic to make sure information is actionable to minimize MTTR. Our platform can communicate to level-one devices easily and securely. ConsoleWorks knows the protocols, endpoint passwords, and talks directly to the devices in their native language – so you don’t have to.

ConsoleWorks is always listening for new data regarding, alerts & events, new devices, settings & configurations changes, current software & firmware patches, new patches, serial & model device information, and human system activities. We make information actionable – it manages your workflow for human response – immediately. Fewer point solutions mean lower costs. Train your people in one solution not many.

We offer a holistic, integrated approach to providing Security, Compliance, Operations & Response for greater IT/OT coverage.

Holistic View

Decrease MTTR

Reduce Truck Rolls

Make Operations Smarter

Decrease Point Solutions/Costs

Integrate Cybersecurity & Operations

Automate Workflow, Integration & Reports

Security & Compliance are the results – not the work!

The Right information


About the right device


At the right time


To the right person


All in one place – Respond & Resolve!

Just login into ConsoleWorks – go right to work!


Respond & Resolve

One path for secured access, streamlined workflows & response to quickly mitigate security risks

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