Reporting Enhancements with ConsoleWorks 4.7

October 23, 2013Comments Off

By Pam Johnson Pam Johnson Headshot

Our customers wanted more flexibility and improved access control in reporting outputs, and ConsoleWorks version 4.7 delivers.

ConsoleWorks 4.7 enables greater granularity when defining reports for most any object in the product, allowing the user to select the relevant or desired information for reporting purposes. Report output retention can also be configured to retain any number of report runs, which can be used to comply with regulations that require maintaining historical configuration records. These report outputs can be defined to any depth that may be required for historical reference.

Configuration reports now leverage the same granular permissions model introduced with ConsoleWorks version 4.6, so that access to reports is managed using role-based control access capabilities. Profiles can be customized and defined to view or run reports regarding assets that are not accessible to that profile, such as allowing an auditor to view reports but not interact with an asset.

With ConsoleWorks 4.7, reports can be scheduled to run on a periodic basis using the same scheduling mechanism now available as Baseline Configuration Management. Existing ConsoleWorks reports are automatically upgraded to version 4.7.

For more information on the new capabilities of ConsoleWorks 4.7, check out this recording of the “ConsoleWorks 4.7 – What’s New” webinar.

New Windows PowerShell Technology with ConsoleWorks 4.7

October 16, 2013Comments Off

By Pam Johnson Pam Johnson Headshot

That latest release of ConsoleWorks version 4.7 includes a new PowerShell® technology that allows administrators to manage Windows devices in a fashion similar to how ConsoleWorks manages other devices. Managing Windows devices using this new method of interaction provides administrators with the speed and efficiency of a command line interface.

This PowerShell connector allows any PowerShell command or script to be executed while collecting and alerting on the output for audit purposes. Furthermore, it produces a persistent connection and logs all of the activity, down to the keystroke, to ensure accurate forensic records.

The Windows PowerShell technology enables the use of additional ConsoleWorks capabilities on Windows devices, including Baseline Configuration Management, Command Control (white listing and black listing commands, command abstraction, and automation), and the ConsoleWorks granular permissions model, which provides additional access control.

For more information on the new capabilities of ConsoleWorks 4.7, check out this recording of the “ConsoleWorks 4.7 – What’s New” webinar.

Improved Baseline Configuration Management with ConsoleWorks 4.7

October 9, 2013Comments Off

By Pam Johnson Pam Johnson Headshot

The recent release of ConsoleWorks Version 4.7 includes a number of new and improved features, including new functionality added to ConsoleWorks Privileged Access Management, Monitoring, and Logging Platform for ensuring auditable security-centered operations of heterogeneous IT environments.

Today I want to talk about the ConsoleWorks Baseline Configuration Management solution. This solution automates the collection of device configurations, allowing administrators to define a master baseline. The current configuration, which can be checked manually or scheduled, is automatically compared to the master – if there are any changes, administrators are automatically alerted. This new feature eliminates the majority of human errors and minimizes the impact of both intentional and unintentional erroneous activity.

The ConsoleWorks Baseline Configuration Management solution addresses key security regulations pertaining to notification of device configuration changes. It can be configured to monitor active ports, services enabled, account & account permissions, installed software & patches, configuration files, and more. Of course, everything that’s monitored is also logged, providing records of changes to the defined baselines that can be used in the event of an audit.

For more information and to see the new Baseline Configuration Management solution in action, check out this recording of the “ConsoleWorks 4.7 – What’s New” webinar.

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