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Enforced Zero Trust Secure Remote Access

There is only one thing standing between you and your work and that is ConsoleWorks!
Our solution Man-In-The-Middle Architecture provides you a secure, single browser based connection to streamline access and control to any device.

All interactions between you and the endpoint devices are managed through ConsoleWorks using a protocol break. Our platform for human resolution creates a persistent Zero Trust security perimeter which is always monitoring, auditing and logging activity down to the keystroke to support regulatory, cybersecurity best practices and IT/OT operations. Using ConsoleWorks Baseline Management Consoleworks automation collects end-point configurations and implements configuration change control.

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ConsoleWorks Staunch Defense to Secure OT Assets

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Secure Remote Access

Remote/local access monitors, manages, logs, reports and secures access to managed assets in all machine states to ensure forensic record.

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Asset, Patch & Configuration Monitoring

ConsoleWorks helps reduce or eliminate security gaps resulting from configuration changes. Configuration monitoring – management and automated patch analysis are ways to reduce or eliminate security gaps resulting from assets that are not properly configured.

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Logging & Situational Awareness

Shortens Event resolution – minimizing operational disruption and downtime. ConsoleWorks acts in a multi-dimensional fashion by monitoring not only the applications but also the servers, virtual machines, network, and storage devices that run them.

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Endpoint Password Management

ConsoleWorks provides one central location to configure and schedule automatic password changes and set reset date warnings to meet compliance standards. The ability to change passwords on demand is controlled through ConsoleWorks granular Access Control Rules.

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Secure IT/OT Assets

ConsoleWorks Video Overview

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ConsoleWorks provides a secure, persistent connection to streamline access and control to any IT/OT device for privileged users. The solution is always monitoring, auditing and logging activity down to the keystroke to support regulatory, cybersecurity best practices and IT/OT operations while providing a staunch defense against access by unauthorized users.

ConsoleWorks is unique because the platform sits between the privileged users and the assets they interact with, enabling the ability to automate activities like configuration monitoring, password management, and other cybersecurity and operations functions using the assets’ native language.

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ConsoleWorks in Action

One solution solving challenges for cybersecurity & operations.


Protect your company’s data and ensure a solid security foundation. ConsoleWorks provides a unified security approach across the in-band and out-of-band networks to ensure privileged interfaces are controlled and risk is mitigated. Our approach dramatically simplifies the security practice and addresses the vulnerabilities with privileged interfaces that present an extremely high security issue today.


The power of one solution, provides consistent service levels, simplifies processes and automates repetitive tasks, simplifying the daily work of IT Operations. We understand that responsiveness and reliability is paramount, that is why our solution is constantly monitoring through a secure, persistent connection. ConsoleWorks helps meet business objectives and provides technology efficiencies that minimize cost of operations.


A comprehensive, real-time compliance approach eliminates threats to your business. ConsoleWorks dramatically reduces exposure through automation, granular control, secure access, configuration management and monitoring. Work smart, prove compliance and reduce risk.

Standards/Regulations: NERC CIP · HIPAA · PCI DSS · NIST · SOX · FISMA · GDPR


ConsoleWorks automates and optimizes the best practice into a far leaner and more comprehensive process in areas where there are disparate tools, or no tools, and manual processes. The result is a considerable improvement in key performance measures such as elapsed time, touch time, cost and Mean Time To Repair (MTTR).


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ConsoleWorks gives us 24/7 proactive hardware & software monitoring while serving as the security piece of our NERC-CIP compliance practice.

Shelly Barczak Senior IT Analyst

You do not need to audit remote access and baseline again – you guys have it nailed!

NERC Auditor for SERC

Any utility company that installs ConsoleWorks is way ahead of the game when it comes to NERC CIP compliance. We’re happy with the support from TDi. When we need it, they are there.

IT Director

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